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Tales of the Abyss Fanfiction

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Welcome to abyss_fanfic, the first and hopefully not only fanfiction archive for Tales of the Abyss on Livejournal. This is a place for people to post and read fanfiction without having to dig through mountains of other posts to get to them. There are a few rules and regulations, but they're more like guidelines for common sense than anything else.


1 » Fanfiction of all types and genres are allowed; gen, romance, angst, drama, you name it. Yaoi, yuri, het, drabbles, ficlets, multichaptered stories, one-sentence claims, anything. As long as it's actual fanfiction in some way, shape, or form, it's permitted.
2 » It is asked that all fanfiction goes under a cut. If you don't know how to make an LJ cut, go look at their FAQ and if you can make sense out of it, utilize your reading comprehension skills and use one. Regardless of the length of the story, cut it so that way people aren't forced to read what they don't want to and so their friend page stays clean.
3 » All fanfiction should have the minimum of the following posted along with it:

Title: The title of your story or set of stories.
Rating: All ratings are permitted, as long as the story is labeled accurately, there should be no problems.
Warnings: This can be substituted for 'pairing' if need be. However, it is asked that if there is anything with an NC-17 rating that isn't vanilla, that the kinks/squicks be listed somewhere before the fanfic as to not offend people.

You're free to add anything else ahead of time; those are just basic tags.
4 » If you feel the insatiable need to flame or insult someone for their work, don't. This is not a drama!community, so keep your hysterics to yourself. If you can't kindly offer any critique then don't say anything at all.

5 » If you're posting multiple drabbles or single-sentence claims, it would be nice if you put them all in one entry. Some people are OCD to the max about their friends page and its cleanliness.
6 » It's not a requirement, but it would be convinient to the other readers if you could tag your entry properly. The characters and the pairing is reccomended.


abyss_fanfic was created/is currently maintained by discover. Userinfo was coded by discover, with help from iselia, and layout coding is by minty_peach.